Letter from the founder

Letter from the founder

Welcome to

My wakening festival

We hope to share and to enlighten others, with a breath of fresh air, new perspectives & positivity; to the tools which are available within all of us. With the knowledge of leaders ; who are experienced & enamoured within their different disciplines, from all walks of life; we’ve created a two day collaborative event for the betterment of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.

So that we can learn about ourselves and others, connect to self, individuate, swim in self compassion, understand others better, to feel safer and thrive. This beautiful resilient collective along with the driving force of such a community, will be the pillars of the home we that we can share at The Wakening Festival; where we can Co-create nourishing resources, express ourselves fluidly without restraint & wholeheartedly, and then begin to establish a place for us; individually and collectively, to manifest the life we may really wish to lead; coming out of one of the strangest eras of our time.

Made with a tenderness, & compassionate assertion, for you all to enjoy with friends, family or alone; wherever you are,

With much Love,

The founder

"The Book of Chacha"